Many times, our clients mention the idea of fear attached to seeking counseling services. For years, behavioral/mental health has had a negative stigma attached to it that often leads people to attempt handling big issues on their own that may require professional attention. Some of the reasons one may not reach out are the following:

1. The worry that someone will find out about your illness. People have concern that if they reach out for help, someone may find out and judge, ridicule, belittle, or shame them. Here at Goshawk Behavioral Health Services, we are here to help not only you, but to educate others about these illnesses. We want to help you realize that by coming forward, you have made the first courageous step to a better you.

2. It is not “normal” to have a mental illness. Because there is so much negativity attached to these illnesses, people report feeling ostracized or “pointed out” because of the misconceptions of what behavioral/mental health is. At our practice, we encourage you to take the first step in normalizing the illness by calling us for a consultation.

3. Accepting that something is not quite right. Most times, admitting that there is something going on is the hardest step. We are here to help you explore what has been going on in order to start you on the best course to healing.

4. Family members are not supportive of you reaching out. As people, we rely on our family members for support and validation. When that system does not provide that help, it is most often because they do not understand what is going on. Here at our practice, we welcome family members to come in, meet with us, and become informed so that they may serve as the best advocate for you.

5. Feeling weak by asking for help. Sometimes, people feel like we are “failing” when we cannot handle something ourselves. At GBHS, we feel that the word “Fail” is your “First Attempt In Learning”. Coming forward and seeking help is not weak; it is inspiring for a new outlook on life.

6. Someone hurt me. They need counseling, not me. In situations where someone has hurt us physically, emotionally, sexually, or verbally, it can be difficult to understand why we need counseling, not them. Let us here at Goshawk join you on your courageous journey to heal and understand.

7. My illness has become my reality and I see no end to it. Behavioral/mental health is real and can quickly become someone’s perception of themselves. It may be viewed by someone as “normal” thus producing the idea that there is no problem. GBHS would like to provide you with the education and the skills to break down the walls of these illnesses.

At Goshawk Behavioral Health Services, we are here to help. If any of these points sounds like you, please give us a call at (231) 642-4642 for an appointment. We would be happy to serve you.