Many times Yes! This is especially so if the psychologist has had experience working in or with people in the substance abuse field. Many times the substance abuse (even of prescription drugs) can be a symptom of other underlying problems. The substance use and a person’s inappropriate use of substances can be a way of self medicating. I can help in uncovering the problem supporting the substance abuse.

Many times they can, if they have some background in having gone through difficult ex- periences themselves or have worked in and with trauma situations in the past. Psychologists have direct training in how the brain processes information from the world and changes that into our emo- tions and behaviors. The key piece is in accepting what has happened to you, encouraging you to talk about it and listen to you. Then, working as a team, positive changes can occur.

I can certainly help here. It helps if you can find a psychologist who has lived varied experi- ences in life. Such a person may be better able to accept and understand how you feel. However, your basic abilities, what you are interested in and how you learn all need to be evaluated. This is a form of vocational assessment. It is important to know that well over 50% of the world population does not go to college, and earlier generations did not-yet we have progressed very well. Many people actually learn best from actually doing a type of work or job. This approach used to be called apprenticeships and they worked very well. Perhaps such an approach can be found for you. There are many famous people who fall into this category.

As a psychologist, I CAN help with this question. There are many reasons that contribute to kids having trouble in school and these need to be explored carefully. Schools are often limited by rules they have to follow, class time, and sometimes personnel limitations to do this well. One key question is whether a child has ADHD or experiences problems with learning differences and psychologists are well equipped to assess for these conditions… and then make referrals to others who specialize in helping the person work within their abilities.

YES! A clear and increasingly important goal for psychologists is to work closely with you and your doctor to form a team to help you improve your ability to care for yourself. There are many reasons that can contribute to us having difficulty taking care of ourselves. Discovering what these reasons are and helping you overcome them or work with them is what I can do.

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