Dr. Winkler is a fully licensed psychologist, working from the humanistic/existential perspective. This emphasizes the unique history and qualities of the individual. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Northern Physicians Organization, the Grand Traverse Audubon Society, the Nature Conservancy, the World Wildlife Federation and the Yankee Air Force. Dr. Winkler is also an historian and brings the depth of perspective that this education and interest provides to understanding how people ‘tick.’

He holds BA and MA degrees in history from Wayne State University in Detroit. From there, he followed a path that encompassed other life experiences including fatherhood. This path ultimately led to The Center for Humanistic Studies in Detroit where he earned his MA in psychology. Following his curiosity in the human psyche, he pursued and earned his degree of doctor of psychology at Pacific University in Oregon.

During his time at Pacific University, Dr. Winkler successfully led the graduate student organization that worked with faculty and administration to achieve APA accreditation for the psychology program.

Dr. Winkler has a range of clinical experiences working in both community mental health and private clinics. He has spent 12 years in clinics where the core work has touched on children, adults and substance abuse. He has done assessments related to ADD/ADHD, anxiety, pre-bariatric surgery, pre-employment screening, L/D, Social Security Disability, and PTSD. Dr. Winkler worked with patients in adapting to rehab and helped them learn how to effectively utilize services in nursing homes throughout the state. He has also been privileged to work with our veterans.

In his varied career as a psychologist, Dr. Winkler has been on the other side of the fence spending 14 years in the insurance industry as a case manager in mental health managed care in the Detroit area.

Contributing to his perspectives and professional career in psychology are Dr. Winkler’s other experiences working as an assistant manager at K Mart, in the skilled trades as an hydraulic pipefitter, a pharmacy technician and a security guard at a Detroit hospital immediately after the Detroit riots in 1967. He has a deep empathy with the “working man’s life” and dilemmas that can be part of a person’s life, because he has lived it.

Dr. Winkler coached and managed a little league baseball team for six years and led them to back-to-back World Series Championships. He is the father of five children who are successful in effectively taking care of themselves and their families. He has been married to his wife, “St. Carol” for 40 years. His long standing interests are in geology, environmental sciences, agriculture and aviation. (Just ask him about old airplanes!!!)

Dr. Winkler is committed to helping each individual he sees in the office reach their potential in life.