Think you have anxiety?  Sure, you do! We all do… at different times in our lives for different reasons. What we perceive and label as anxiety is a natural physiological response to situations and events in our lives that we are afraid will harm us or that we cannot control. Another way to think about anxiety is that it is a strong tendency to worry- to the point where it changes how we function. It is not a disease process. Are there things happening in your life that are like what I’ve described? These are commonly known as stressors and they are different for different people.

Most common anxiety comes from anticipatory worry about possible events in the future, things that might go wrong. People in the habit of responding to stress this way can have many symptoms such as increased irritability, difficulty with focus and concentration, problems with sleep, feeling of both tension and relentlessness which contributes to them tiring more easily than normal. Typically, the worry is out of proportion to the actual likelihood that a ‘bad’ or negative event is may occur.


If this describes how you are feeling or a situation you are in then talking with the person who understands the dynamics of what is occurring can understand what it is happening to you, working together, you can often develop tools to use to reduce the intensity of emotional upset that you might experience under stress in the future.

Medications that are used to deal with the symptoms of anxiety are powerful chemicals that change how the body functions. They should be used with a great caution and, while they can reduce some of the most immediate and uncomfortable symptoms of anxiety- they cannot help you understand or change yourself. Only YOU can do that. We at goshawk believe you can. Let us help you.